Free Amazon Keyword Tracker

Our keyword tool will help you to identify how your product(s) rank for your keywords so you can optimize your PPC campaigns. It’s completely free for up to 40 keywords.

Add Keywords

Add your keywords into our system and it will check once per day to see how well you are ranking. 

Make sure to add your long tail keywords and follow them as well because they also bring so many sales on Amazon. 

Optimize PPC Ads 

Depending on your keyword rankings, make changes on your PPC campaigns. 

Invest in keywords that has a potential to reach to the first page and you may save money from the ones that are already doing well for specific keywords.

Sell More & Save Money

Not only you will save money from your your advertising campaigns, you will also see more sales.

Of course this will depend on how well you optimize your campaign and also your products. 



Track the keywords that bring sales to your products. Simply copy & paste your keywords from your PPC campaigns. Takes less than 2 minute to start

It’s in the cloud and can track multiple products, FREE up to 40 keywords


We are owned by Prep & Ship Center and we believe that even beginners should have an access to tools so they can compete with established sellers. Please note that by using this software, you accept that can send you marketing emails. That’s how we are able to cover the cost of this free tool.

With free plan, you can track up to 40 keywords and up to 8 different products.

Our Pricing


    • Up to 40 Keyword
    • Up to 8 Products
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